Today in history: June 28

Marchers demonstrate. At the head of the protests are a person of color throwing a brick and a bearded drag queen. The first group shounds, 'Liberate the bar!' and 'Fag power!' as they march in front of the Stonewall Inn. Following them are a group including a lesbian, someone holding a sign that reads 'SILENCE = DEATH', and a person dressed in leather. They chant together, 'Act up! Fight back! Fight AIDS!' The third group are all smiling, waving trans, bisexual, and LGBT rainbow flags.

June 28 1969: New York City police raid the Stonewall Inn, a prominent gay bar, arresting and assaulting patrons. The patrons eventually defend themselves, and protest for several days after in what is called the Stonewall Riots, which mark the beginning of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement.